Products I Geek About : Skincare Edition

Recently I have come upon some of my best skin ever, its been an amazing time! In the past I have had real problems with acne, and it can be the most frustrating stuff. I have fixed my diet too and while that makes a world of difference I still have to keep everything clean! So I have put together this list of products I use, to try and help out anyone who is still frustrated too.

Wedding Makeup Inspiration

July is quickly coming to an end and with August comes a whole new set of things to do. Not kidding, I have so much going on with a sweet concert, house hunting and my favorite anime coming back on August will be jam packed. The first up on my list is one of my best friend's wedding in Michigan. We've both have never been to Michigan and I am for one excited to be shown around a little by some awesome locals!

We are not only traveling to the wedding, we are both in the actual event itself. So while I have my dress picked out and my hair is being done for me - yay - I get to do my own makeup and I am having a hard time deciding what to do, to no one's surprise. I had both my hair and makeup done for my own wedding and even though I don't think I wear a crazy amount of makeup, I've never had to look good for someone else's pictures. So in an effort to look my best I have four different makeup options that I would love some input from my readers on, so tell me which look is your favorite?

Femmecraft Jewelry

I received my necklace from Femmecraft the other day and I like it so much I had to share. The worst part about the whole thing was narrowing it down to which one I wanted! I decided to go with the Galactic Alliance necklace (because I can't choose sides).

Products I Geek About : Makeup Edition

I have a love/hate relationship with makeup. Since I was 13 years old I have loved make up, I love getting new products, actually applying them, and being able to experiment with something that isn't permanent is the best! However, my hate for makeup is skin deep, literally. I break out so easily, my skin is like a 14 year old boy, and heaven forbid my hormones would ever be in check long enough to clear anything up. So because of this I have some pretty specific/fantastic products I use to keep my skin from breaking out while still rocking my awesome look!