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My Preoccupied Mind in June

My Preoccupied Mind in June

Wow it's already friggin' June you guys! Someone told my husband the other day that when you get older the days seem to take forever and the years fly by, I couldn't agree more.

I am a person who always has to be doing something, I can get real lazy real fast - cue the 4 months I spent on my ass after my wedding. When I realized I had gained weight, stopped doing my little arts and crafts stuff I normally loved, and then when I couldn't find anything on Netflix that I wanted to watch anymore, that was the final straw! I got up and got shit done (with some helpful encouragement from my husband), including starting my blog!

Well its almost been a year since my wedding and now a-days I barely find time to sit down outside of work, and I love it (almost everyday)! So I figured I would share a little bit of what I am doing with my time and my crazy life.

Currently I am:

Reading - American Gods By Neil Gaiman

Yes I know I am a late Gaiman bloomer, but holy crap I am hooked and I have only read the first 7 chapters so far. I needed a good book, lately I find a book I think I like, buy it (real books > digital books), read the first chapter and lose interest so fast I forgot what I already read. Neil is my husband's favorite author, and I never knew why until now. I honestly can't wait to get off work and read this book it's that good, keep and eye out for my "book report" on this when I finish!

Watching - Kill La Kill

I have had a huge gap in my life waiting for Attack on Titan's new season, come on August! And since I enjoy that so much I have been hearing from a lot of people that I might like Kill la Kill, and thank goodness I do. Kill la Kill is actually a pretty funny- though I do have a different sense of humor than most people, overly sexual - the main character's house mates bleed through their nose and stop functioning when she puts on her kamui (god robe, or suit), Senketsu which is pretty much straps and half a scissor blade, highly violent - it's called Kill la Kill FFS, really entertaining anime. Only one season is on Hulu (or Netflix, or Crunchy Roll), which doesn't bode well for my developing obsession with it, but its an anime where binge watching would never be a problem.

Listening - Deftones, Koi No Yokan

A few weeks ago we bought tickets to the Incubus/Deftones show at Red Rocks in August and I can honestly say I have never been more excited for a show in my entire life. Two of my favorite bands at the absolute best concert venue in the world, what more could a girl ask for? If you are a fan of this type of music and you haven't listened to Deftones new album I highly recommend it, Koi No Yokan actually remind me a lot of their self titled 2003 album, not many bands can keep to their same sound and that is one of the many reasons I like this band so much.

Working - Craft and DIY Ideas

I like to think I am a pretty creative and crafty person, my best friend calls me a crafty bitch. I love creating, and normally my mind is all about looking for something I can make or do or change, but as my post title suggests I am so preoccupied with what I have coming up and going that my brain just can't focus. One of my good friends and I are in need of a craft date and what better site than Pinterest.....? No seriously I'm asking this time, does anyone have suggestions of craft/diy websites or books or just general inspiration? Thanks!

Obsessing - Finding a House

I've had my current home since I was 19, and even then I wasn't too involved with the whole process, mostly the fun part of looking at houses. So when my husband and I decided that we needed a bigger house if we wanted to have kids I was not prepared, like at all. We have a really great position with our house and so I definitely am not complaining about that, all the people moving to my state and stealing all the great real estate though? Yeah they can suck a big one. We both are obsessed with houses right now, getting ours ready to sell, and looking at the great houses we can afford in Denver, I am hoping this wont take that long otherwise I might go crazy. In the mean time I'm trying to just enjoy all the homes we get to tour.

Looking Forward - San Francisco

This Sunday June 7th will be mine and my husband's 1 year wedding anniversary and we are taking a little trip to San Francisco to celebrate! Don't worry I will have my trusty camera at my side along with my favorite people, so there will be pictures a plenty, can't wait go on this trip and then to share it with you!

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