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Even though I have been to San Francisco before it's always great to go with someone new,  to be able to see things you may have seen before in a new light. My trip to the city by the bay was definitely an unforgettable one, not only were Darryl and I celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary but I got to see my best friend Bettina and her equally awesome and hilarious boyfriend Mike.

Never have I been more tired after a trip solely based on the amount of walking and movement done during the actual trip. Together we walked about 20 miles, rode bikes for almost 5 ,  the Bart for 15, and took Lyft/Uber for about 40 miles, all while staying inside of the 46.9 square mile land area, impressive. It was all worth it in the end though, I ate my heart out, danced my ass off, and had more fun than I have had in a while.

Friday June 5th 2015 

Japan Town | Haight St. | General Nonsense

My husband is a quarter Japanese, and spent 12 years of his life in Japan so there was no way we weren't going to Japan Town. He has introduced me to a lot of the Japanese culture and food that I did not know about, and though the mall in the center of the neighborhood is a little more western it still had some amazing food!

We are ramen connoisseurs, so the last time I was in San Fran I had one of the best bowls of ramen I have ever had (the BEST was in Honolulu), and I had to take my husband there. Ramen Yamadaya is a small shop that is almost always extremely busy for a legitimate reason, I got the TONKOTSU SHOYU, just like I did last time, and I could actually go for a bowl now, scratch that I would eat there everyday if I could. Besides the great markets which had a plethora of bento boxes, and great little snacks, I wanted to go a conveyor sushi joint also. Isobune who's tagline boasts "Boatloads of sushi" has a moat with floating boats that deliver the sushi to the bar. I love sushi and I can honestly say that I had some of the best sushi here that I have ever put in my mouth. I wasn't even that hungry, we just don't have many restaurants like this in the Denver area, but we wound up spending $50 before we left, I would pay double to go back again now.

Though I would be content saying the best part about Japan town is the food that would be false. We found an arcade, of course, and we both got to play some great Japanese games. (I forgot to take pictures of Darryl, but he played too). Don't skip this place just because its small, we both played a drum game, reminiscent of Guitar Hero or Rockband, but must cuter. The other really fun game we took turns trying to work our way up harder and harder levels, wish I knew the name of it, just know its freaking hard.

Haight and Ashbury area was next, a must visit as the shops are adorable and there is beyond amazing people watching. Along with the street art and crazy people, there is the collest record store ever, the middle picture below does it now justice as that only half the store. It has everything from CD's to posters, tapes, and vinyl, it made me want to get a record player!

That night we actually had an opportunity to go to a private concert that Uber was putting on as part of their 5th Birthday celebration, you would request the concert on the Uber app and they would pick you up and drop you off for free in front of the venue. Well it didn't specify that you could only take in 2 people per ride, and we had 4. We found out later the band was Mister Wives, which would have been awesome, the one time they didn't try to fit as many people in one place as they can in San Fran.

Saturday June 6th 2015 | Ocean Beach Silent Disco

Saturday was mostly spent at North Ocean Beach, at the Hush Silent Disco. My friends had gone last year and said how awesome it was, I mean who doesn't like to go listen to good music and dance on the beach? If you are ever in the bay area I highly recommend checking out Hush concerts website events in the area, they put them on quite often and they seem to be a big hit. For $25 you rent the headphones, get to choose between 3 channels of great DJ's and, like my pictures show, pick a spot on the beach and relax or dance. There was a very mixed crowd there, from the older generation to children, and of course the furry friends. I love to dance and so did everyone else there, which made the day even better. If someone walking through had no idea what was going on it would have looked so strange, a bunch of people dancing to different beats, throwing hoola hoops and balls around, all on a cloudy beach. By far one of my favorite days ever.

My best friend Bettina, I, and her pug Phoebe Buffay, who is a freakin' celebrity, everyone loves that tongue!

Sunday June 7th 2015

Golden Gate Park | China Town | Bay Bridge

Sunday marked our official 1 year anniversary so naturally we rented bikes and rode through Golden Gate park. Riding around we found Spreckels Lake and the model yacht club house, which held model yachts dating back to the 1930's, and they were gorgeous! Most of the time we were actually riding and enjoying the sun, what a lovely day!

After the park he walked to China Town and up through there to the pier and the throngs of tourists. I try to stay away from the pier and all the people, but the sea lions were hilarious that day and put on show, which is always fun to watch. We ended our day by walking to Water Bar next to the Bay bridge, and ate amazing oysters and drank great wine. All in all our anniversary was a success!


Oh boy, do we love selfies. And unlike the tourists now-a-days I will never own a selfie stick, because I  can't bring myself to look like this.

So our selfies are considered "old school" which just makes me feel older and wiser, not unlike my 20 year old sister does, regardless enjoy our shameless-ness.

Have you been to San Fran lately? Plan to go here soon? Did I miss something awesome we need to go back and do? Let me know!

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