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5 Fandom Friday - Spinoffs

5 Fandom Friday - Spinoffs

Its that time again, that's right it's Five Fandom Friday! This weeks topic is Spinoffs I'd Like to See...well would you like to see these too...?

1 Yoda

I've heard small rumors about a Yoda spinoff, but nothing definite. Yoda is a character where not a lot is known about his younger years, and I would be the first one in line to see this movie (or show, I'm not picky!). I mean look how bad-ass he looks?!

2 Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa like Yoda is a bad ass character that doesn't have much of a back story, besides the fact that we know her parents were murdered by human traffickers and Eren and his parents took her in. But she's got a such an air of mystery about her, I need to know more!

3 Sheik

Princess Zelda's transformation into Sheik would be a great spinoff. While we know a little about the character no one has taken the time to break it down and show how she came to be this kick butt character or the clan of Sheikah for that matter. 

4 The Battle for Naboo

This battle was only shown on a video game (Star Wars Episode 1: Battle for Naboo on N64), and while the game was semi-lackluster the battle is epic! Not to mention the advancement in special effects and CG this would be a beautiful and action packed spinoff.

5 Marvel Secret Wars

Again I have heard rumors about the Secret Wars, and I think it may happen farther down the line in the Marvel movie list. However the comics are quickly surpassing the movies and I think that this would be an amazing movie saga, also this way they can change up the actors/actresses involved without a giant collective groan from the fans.

5 Fandom Friday - Fictional Vehicles

5 Fandom Friday - Fictional Vehicles

Silver Screen Spiel

Silver Screen Spiel