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5 Fandom Friday - Females

5 Fandom Friday - Females

TGIF everyone! And thank goodness for another 5 Fandom Friday! Today we look at the 5 fictional characters you most identify with and I quite like this list as it actually made me look past the Buzzfeed quiz results to my favorite characters and the reasons why I like them.

1 Blair Waldorf

While I may not pull off half the crazy shit Blair does, I feel like I can relate to Blair in the fact that she is fiercely loyal to those she loves even to a fault sometimes. Her connection with those she holds close is exceptional, and even though she may not always do the right thing she usually has the best intentions, unless you screw her over. Blair is a very strong character and while she may play the bitch she is really a big ol' softy. Plus those who suffer from resting bitch face need to stick together.

2 Jessica Day

Ah Jess, Jess is every girl, or every girl I know. She is the awkward loveable dork that most people try to hide but truly are deep down inside, well I say let your freak flag fly its so much more fun, just like Jess. She doesn't care what people think and is proud of it, and she helps those around her to embrace their weirdness too. We need way more people like Jess.

3 Monica Gellar

I would undoubtedly be the Monica, for sure. She's freakishly clean, neurotic, and loud, 2 of the 3 words my mother would use to describe me, we differ on our cleanliness apparently. I love Monica because she doesn't try to change for anyone, and she just embraces her flaws because they make her who she is. Her relationship with Chandler only embraces both of their uniqueness, and that creates such a special bond for them, ship goals!

4 Arya Stark

Alright, I must admit I can't "relate" to Arya because no one has killed pretty much my entire family, however I believe that if I were in her shoes I would do exactly the same thing. I couldn't do what Sansa does, I can't stand when people tell me what to do, with exceptions of course. Arya marches to her own drum she always has, and that's what makes her character so great, not all women have to be damsels in distress, because not all women need rescuing.

5 Hermione Granger

Hermione will always be on this list for me not only for her loyalty to her friends and loved ones but because she's not afraid to be smart. She strives to learn and is such a role model for girls everywhere, she should be on everyone's list! Not to mention she did punch Malfoy right in the schnoz, which deserves it's own standing ovation alone, also the countless times she saved Ron and Harry, Hermione is the ultimate female in an adorable package.



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