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5 Fandom Friday - Fictional Pets

5 Fandom Friday - Fictional Pets

Holy cow I have been so busy, but at least I can get in my Five Fandom Friday! This week: 5 Fictional Pets I'd Love to Own. This is the best prompt ever, and I had such a hard time deciding on only 5! Let me know if you agree or disagree.

1 Direwolf

A giant wolf, who you share an inexplicable connection with and will protect you no matter what? Whats not to love? I love big dogs and though I do understand this isn't a dog, they are just as cute!

2 Chococat

Chococat is Hello Kitty's own pet cat and a lesser known/produced Sanrio character. It has sort of become an unwritten rule that I and my friends try and find all the Chococat merchandise there is because they don't make much. But beside the fact they don't put his darling mug on everything chococat is so tiny and cute, and not to mention the only cat I really like!

3 Hippogriff

I WISH that Hippogriffs were real, I mean don't get me wrong I would kill for a real working broomstick, but how could you pass up a ride on a majestic creature like this?

4 Ein

If you haven't seen Cowboy Bebop yet, I highly recommend it. Not only for the great story line and animation, but because of the overly adorable sort-of mascot Ein. He is an intelligently enhanced dog that was stolen from a research facility, and is downright squeezable. I love corgi's an un-natural amount, according to my husband, so of course I would pick Ein...over and over again.

5 Taun Taun

I like to ride things, if you haven't picked up on that tid-bit yet. Taun Taun's were the rebels best ally while on Hoth, and were an integral part of the battle for them. And while they can be a little testy as long as you keep a hoth dog near, you should stay alive.

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