5 Fandom Friday - OTP's

I've missed so many 5FF its makes sad, I saw some really good ones too! But I am really excited that my first one back is OTP's, below are my favorites but I could have thought of way mor

5 Fandom Friday - Fictional Vehicles

Ah Friday, arguably the best day of the week and it gets even better when I get to post Five Fandom Fridays! This week we Female Geek Bloggers are taking a look at the 5 Fictional Vehicles I'd most like to travel in. Now that is a broad topic, and in being so I have decided to narrow my selections down to actual cars, otherwise I would have at least 20 vehicles on my list. Enjoy!

Silver Screen Spiel

2015 has proven so far to be a great year for movies, even so I am so behind its ludicrous. I do love watching movies, but I usually prefer sitting on my couch cuddling with my dogs and my man to going to the theater and sitting in uncomfortable seats for 3 hours. Though I can't deny that some movies need to be seen immediately, and then there are some that don't. Here I have a list of the movies I either need to see, are going to see, and a few I am so on the fence about I need some input before I go spending more than $20 on a shitty movie. So I guess what I'm trying to get at is, what do you guys think? Am I missing a great movie on this list? Or do I have something listed that my money would be better spent on something productive, like beer?


My trip to the city by the bay was definitely an unforgettable one, not only were Darryl and I celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary but I got to see my best friend Bettina and her equally awesome and hilarious boyfriend Mike.

History Channel's Houdini : A Television Illusion

So my husband and I gave up on cable almost a year ago, we rely solely on our Roku3and movies. When we saw that Netflix had History’s Houdini “biopic” my husband pounced, and it was a good call. Adrian Brody stars in this miniseries chronicling the life of Ehrich Weiss aka Harry Houdini

Attack on Titan Live-Action Movie Update!

You guys, I am so excited for the Attack on Titan live-action movie! Now normally I would be against this, which I was when I first heard about it. Its extremely difficult to find a live action movie based on an anime, but add to the fact that the characters fly around on cables and have to destroy giant humanoid Titans who dine on 15 humans as a snack, there is a reason this is an anime.