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Top 10 Cosplay Inspirations

Top 10 Cosplay Inspirations

It's officially the main Cosplay season, and Denver's Comic Con is coming up at the end of May! We didn't get to go last year because we were on our Honeymoon, and I never hear the end of it, so we are are really looking forward to this years. I'll be doing a post closer to Con time about our cosplay, but in getting ready I have been scouring the net for a while, and I there is so much good cosplay out there its insane! I wanted to share my favorites but this took me a while to narrow down, no lie.

Harley Fett

This is such and awesome combo, and Lady Annaka kills it! From the pigtails hanging out of her helmet, to the diamonds on her armor, even her gun is wicked. I love how she put this together, and owns it in her photos.


By far my favorite mash-up found, was this Ariel/Leia. There are a few different versions, but Pretty Lush Cosplay was the best for me because she makes Ariel look like a badass, not super girly, just like Leia. I honestly may have to make a version, I love this so much.

Marvel Girl/Jean Grey

Angi Viper is super active on twitter and it lead me to following her and checking out her cosplay. She has a lot of different looks, and its so much fun to look through all of them. I liked her Marvel Girl/Jean Grey the best, though I would image that gets pretty hot.


My husband informed me yesterday that Olivia Munn is rumored to play Psylocke in the new X-Men movie, I hope that's true, and hopefully they make her look as hot as Lily Lovely here. If only she could actually produce that kanata, then she'd be complete!


This Logan cosplay from Lonstermash is epic, honestly he could be Hugh Jackman's stunt double. Cosplay has become a girls world lately but I love to see a guy owning a cosplay like this, those claws are so good.

Spider Gwen/Woman

Alright I wont lie, I didn't really know much about Spider Gwen(woman), but coming across this badass costume, how could I not find out more? She's all over the place, and Maid of Might's depiction is definitely the best, and wouldn't Emma Stone be amazing for this role? Those blue flats them!


This JInx, from League of Legends, is beyond good. Jinx is such a cool character in the game, and though this picture doesn't show it very well, Brit the Badger captured Jinx' wicked tattoos that cover most of her body, extremely well. Go check out the rest of her photos, definitely worth it!


Oh princess Zelda, why do you hide your awesomeness? Oh right, damn Ganondorf...Well thank goodness for it actually or we wouldn't have this cosplay from Termina. Go check out the rest of her looks too, you won't be sorry.


The Maleficent gender-bend from Hakudoushi Cosplay is so amazing! Like I said before I love a good male cosplay, and this one is no different. He actually took this picture in his apartment and edited to create this masterpiece, absolutely worth his time!

Psycho Kreig & Psycho Killer

Leon Chrio, and Jessica Armanetti are amazing cosplayers, and an adorable couple to boot. They had so much to choose from, together and separate, but for some reason I was really drawn to their Borderlands cosplay. Yes, you've seen it done before, but they just seem to own this and their body markings are spot on, how could you not nerd out to this!?

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