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New Series Alert: Fan Fiction Friday!

New Series Alert: Fan Fiction Friday!

I'm really excited to start this new series I have dubbed Fan Fiction Fridays, and I bet you can't guess what its about. I should start with saying I was never really into fan fiction that much until I saw the fan made trailer for The Greater Good. A fan fiction trailer about the battle between Albus Dumbledore and Gelert Grindelwald resulting in the death of Ariana Dumbledore. It was so well put together and such a great adaption that it made me curious about the Fan Fiction world. There is a staggering amount of stories out there so I had a lot of fun reading, and while it was a bit overwhelming I decided to start with the first story I actually read.

The story I have chosen for the Inaugural post is based off my Ultimate Fandom: Harry Potter. "A magical fanfiction about Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley's life together after the war has ended. It is about love, friendship, fame, carrier, family and a lot more good! (Written after what J.K. Rowling has told happened after the war!)"-S.Mal. I came across the story by S.Mal on and below I have posted the first 2 chapters, a little snack if you will. If you like the story as well head on over to and read the remaining 8 chapters!



Chapter 1

It was almost two months since the fight at Hogwarts had happened, and the death of Voldemort. Harry was sitting in some of the tall grass in a meadow, a little away from the Burrow. He often sat their when he needed some time alone. It was an amazing place to be, if you just wanted to think. After Voldemort had died many things had happened. Almost all of the Death Eaters had been caught, and sent to Azkaban (now without dementors).

The ministry of Magic had also changed very much. It was first after the war people realized how much Voldemort and his death eaters had controlled. But the thing that had changed the most, was all the people who were now gone. Fred, Remus, Tonks, Colin Creevey and many more. Harry had never attended so many events in such a short period of time. But with all these funerals, Harry had felt like he hadn't had very much free time. But he wanted to go to the funerals. Show the families and the person they had lost, his respect and gratitude. Harry just didn't feel very comfortable at them. He would usually wear a half disguise, so people would not recognize him, but people often did anyway. They would shake his hand, and cry, and thank him for everything he had done. He was glad that they were happy that Voldemort was gone, but he always felt like he would take the attention from the dead person who deserved it more. "Hey," a voice said behind Harry, as he felt a little hand on his shoulder. It was Ginny. She would also often sit in the meadow when she needed to think, and had lately often run into Harry when she went there. But neither Harry nor Ginny minded. Even though Harry didn't like meeting people out there, it was alright when it was Ginny. "Hi," Harry said quietly as Ginny sad down next to him. She leaned her head against Harry's shoulder, as Harry realized he was crying. He quickly tried drying his eyes, but Ginny simply grabbed his hand and held it.

1"It is okay, you know. To cry," she said and gave him a small smile. Harry felt his heart lift a bit, at the sight of her smile. Harry pulled Ginny closer and put his arms around her. They sat like this a long time. With Ginny, Harry did not need anymore. Just her presence was enough


Chapter 2

"So... what are you planning on giving Ginny, for her birthday?" asked Hermione, as she and Harry sat outside eating together. Ron had just left to fetch some more food, for the three of them.

"Eh – I don't really know, to be honest," said Harry and looked at his food. It was only a couple of days until Ginny 17th birthday, where she would officially become an adult in the wizard world.

"Do you have any ideas?" he asked and looked at Hermione again. "Hm... What did she give you for your 17th birthday? Maybe you could give her something similar..." She stopped when she realized Harry had started blushing furiously.

"Why are you blushing?" she asked Harry smirking. "I'm not!" Harry said abruptly but only ended up blushing further. For his 17th birthday Ginny had kissed him. A lot. But they had been interrupted by Ron, which just made the memory even more awkward. Hermione seemed to have guessed what Harry was thinking about.

"Well – just make sure not to be near Ron this time," she said grinning at him. "Oh shut up!" Harry said still blushing. "We are not even a couple, goddammit!"

He and Ginny had not continued their relationship after the war had ended. Not because that they didn't like each other anymore, but because way to much just seemed to happen, and restarting a relationship just did not seem appropriate at the moment.

"More food!" Ron said, entering the room and smiling. He put the food on the table, kissed Hermione softly on the cheek and sat down next to her.

"What are you giving Ginny for her birthday?" Harry asked Ron before Hermione could mention his and Ginny relationship again.

"Quidditch stuff or something. Wanna buy something together?"

"Yes! Great then!"

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