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June 2015 Must Haves

June 2015 Must Haves

Since we are moving here soon (cross your fingers), I have been getting excited about the fact that I will soon get a clean slate to decorate! So what better way to stay up beat about the whole moving process than finding stuff to fill up the new house? I present my June Must Haves...

1 Word Clock

This word clock from Think Geek is too cool for numerical numbers, and I happen to dig it. It also doubles as art, two birds with one stone!

2 Robot Nutcrackers

Gessato is selling these cute nutcrackers, and I would definitely crack some nuts with these bad boys.

3 Rainbow Tomodachi Knives

We have a magnetic knife strip I am dying to use, and the Rainbow Tomodachi Knives from Fab would look killer on display.

4 Geometric Shapes

Alright I will admit right now these are sold out on Modcloth, but I am desperately requesting them to be restocked. 3D Diamonds on the wall you guys!

5 Lighted Ampersand

I saw this in a Pottery Barn catalog a few years ago, and I was excited to find it at Modcloth for a quarter of the price!

6 Cheese Block Cutting Board

I have a deep passionate love for cheese, and how cute would it look on this? Totally usable for party display too.

7 Printed Throw Pillows

1 Mononoke | 2 Dark Lord Happy Hour | 3 New Challengers Approaching | 4 Water Color

Redbubble has great art and whether you want to display it on the wall, your phone case, or on these rocking throw pillows, they have you covered. I hate my throw pillows now and I love the pops of color and fun the pillows are going to bring to my grey couch.

8 Triceratops Planter

The only thing I dislike about the dinosaur planters from crazycouture is that they don't make them in bigger sizes!

9 Night Light Switch

My Sweet Muffin's led night light switches are so cute I can't resit, just because they are from a gift site for babies that doesn't mean I can't like them!

10 Mario Block Lamp

Use of a CNC machine, and making a Mario block lamp out of it? Just take my money.

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