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Fan Fiction Friday #2

Fan Fiction Friday #2

The second installment of Fan Fiction Friday comes from MatrixNight on The story is based off of the anime Attack on Titan (an absolute favorite of mine), and follows the 3 main characters Eren, Mikasa, and Armin; "This time, the random thought of the night was "What would happen if Mikasa caught a cold" Because most would say she's almost perfect, and then it built into something of Eren having to take care of her for the rest of the night...." - MatrixKnight

I have posted a excerpt of the story below along with a super interesting and great an interview with the author,  if you like the story be sure to check out the rest of this story and also the many other stories from MatrixKnight!

No One's Perfect, Not even you Mikasa

"Oh come on, you've never gotten sick?"

Eren didn't seem to be buying the truth.

Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Jaeger, nine years old and walking beside their father, Grisha Jaeger on the stone pavement. The weather was nice, and all was peaceful in Zhiganshina on their way to a close friend of theirs house.

Indeed, Armin Arlert had caught the common cold. Naturally the two would tag along with Doctor Jaeger to give him a check-up.

Of course, that wasn't there current focus at the moment.

"No." Mikasa responded casually.

Eren stuffed his hands in his pockets and glowered at her answer. There had to be something about Mikasa that wasn't… Well, perfect. She was great at everything she did, a fast learner, and on top of it all, had never gotten sick once in her life. Eren always felt a tiny bit inferior, but this was just ridiculous. Everyone catches at least something once, especially at a young age.

Or so his dad taught him.

They had only been living together for four months now, and each passing day she just seemed to appear more and more quintessential.

"There's no way." He growled, furrowing his brow. Even her health was amazing.

"It's true, Eren." Grisha tipped his hat and smiled down at the two, shielding the sunlight. "I was there when she was born, and not once have I been called to check up on her."

"Hmph…" He sighed, lacing his hands behind his head. He'd just have to accept it; Mikasa was good at everything, even if she didn't intend to be.

The little girl lightly pinched the red scarf around her neck and gently pulled it over her nose, hiding her face; a habit of her's she'd have to eradicate one of these days.

The three spotted their blonde hair friend's house in the distance and made their way up the hill, approaching the wooden door.

"Remember, kids, try not to get too close to him or touch him. We wouldn't want you catching his cold."

"Mikasa should be fine." Eren said sarcastically and motioned his eyes towards her. She simply gave her own a light roll. Inwardly, she may have been a tad concerned for his health, however. Eren tended to catch everything that made physical contact; which was surprising how he survived travelling with his father all of the time.

Grisha knocked, waiting patiently a couple of seconds at the door.

"Coming!" A feminine voice came rushing from behind the walls and turned the knob, releasing a nice smell of bread and soup into the outside air. Both Mikasa and Eren took in a small whiff instinctively. Armin's mother's cooking was always the best.

Grisha took his hat off as a sign of greeting. "Hello, Mrs. Arlert."

"Doctor Jaeger, thank you so much for dropping by." She stepped to the side, undoing the knot of her white apron. "Come in, come in!"

She had long blonde hair, pulled back into a bun, and bright blue eyes with a nice personality to show for the rest of her. Armin really did resemble his mother in many ways. Eren and Mikasa stepped in after Grisha, waving to the woman.

"Hello Mrs. Arlert." Mikasa nodded.

"Hey Mrs. A." Eren stood next to his foster sister.

"Eren, Mikasa, thank you for stopping by as well. Did you also stop by to see Armin?" She placed a finger to her lip in concern, tilting her head. "My… But is it okay for you to be near him?"

"They'll be fine, I assure you." Grisha smiled. "Mind if we go to his room now?"

"Oh yes, go on ahead - I'm making a little something for him right now, but you're welcome to do so."

"Thank you." The three walked in a line, all acquainted with the house, some more than others. The perk of being best friends.

Turning around the hallway, they could already hear the coughing and sneezing. It didn't sound promising… Grisha gave a light tap on the door. "Armin? It's doctor Jaeger, may I come in?"

"... Sure." His voice was a bit hoarse, but still kind. Eren and Mikasa exchanged worried glances, and then curiously poked their heads out from behind Grisha when he opened the door.

With a squeak, there in front of them was a somewhat pitiable sight. Armin was in a blue long sleeved shirt, laying still under two covers. He turned his head, face pale and bags under his eyes. He looked terrible, but still smiled. His face brightened up when he saw the face of his only two very precious comrades in the world.

He pushed himself up, groaning reflexively a bit as he made his way to properly face them. "Hey, you guys came too." He sniffled, smiling through it.

Eren jogged up to Armin's bed, Mikasa following quickly behind.

"Don't try to move, just lay back down."

"Eren is right, Armin. Just relax while I have a look at you, okay?" Grisha pulled out his desk chair and sat down in it. Mikasa wrapped her arm around Armin's neck, lowering him back down onto the mattress while the doctor started performing basic tests on him.

Eren made himself comfortable on the mattress edge and smiled at his friend. "Man, you look terrible."

"I feel terrible…" Armin chuckled through a few coughs. "But I'll live."

"You better. I'll kick your butt if you leave me and Mikasa behind."

The blonde laughed. "It's not that bad, honest… You know how I get sometimes."

"Open up." Commanded Grisha. He placed a mercury thermometer in the boy's mouth, watching the liquid rise in the tiny glass bottle. "Mikasa, could you get a wet washcloth while I listen to some things?"

She nodded and scurried her way to the Arlert kitchen in search for Armin's mother.

"Anything I can do, dad?"

"Just keep him company while I do this." He unfolded his stethoscope and leaned over, opening the boy's shirt and placing it on his chest. "Okay Armin, breathe in and out for me."

The boy did as he was instructed. Eren waited patiently, swinging his legs over the edge. The two exchanged friendly grins.

Grisha released the scope and refolded it, gently placing it back in his bag. Mikasa walked back in with the cloth. She pushed Armin's bangs aside as much as possible before gently draping it over his forehead. The boy closed his eyes.

"Thank you…"

In her other arm was a wooden tray of food consisting of hot chicken soup, garlic bread and a glass of water. The oriental girl carefully placed it on his desk, and then she too took a seat on the end of his bed.

Grisha finished up, packing his equipment and standing. "It's just a cold, nothing serious. Promise me you'll get a lot of rest and do everything your mother tells you while I'm gone."

"Cross my heart…" Armin coughed.

"Alright. I'll be out there giving the news to your mom. Remember, kids, try not to get too close to him." With that, he exited the room entirely, leaving the three by themselves.

Eren scooted a bit closer to his friend. "We'll have to do something when you're feeling better as a celebration. What do you want to do?"

Mikasa trailed her dark eyes over to the tray on the desk while the two exchanged possible hang-out plans. When was the last time he ate? Had he eaten at all that day? When she was talking to the mother in the kitchen, it didn't appear so by how concerned she was about it.

Mikasa sat herself in the wooden chair. "When was the last time you've eaten, Armin?"

The boy paused, giving it a good thought. "... A little this morning… That was when I started to feel sick."

"This morning?" Said the brunette in surprise. "The sun is starting to set."

"I know…" Armin whined. "But I just haven't had much of an appetite… Sorry."

Mikasa motioned her hands towards him; wrapping her arm under his neck, placing his head next to her's as support and helping him sit up. She moved to his pillow and fluffed it, gently pushing him back on it.

"Hey, dad said not to get too close to him, you'll get sick!"

"It's fine. He isn't sneezing on me." She grabbed the tray, placing it on the boy's legs. She could feel Eren scowling a bit. Why did he feel the need to reprimand her simply because he couldn't believe she had never gotten sick before? Then again, Eren always did have a fiery attitude about him.

But… Did she really piss him off that much?

"Thank you…" Armin smiled, reaching for the spoon.

"Here, let me cool it off for you." She offered, taking the metal into her fingers and dipping it into what smelled mouth-watering.

"Oh, I can do it…"

"You shouldn't move too much." She countered. He could never argue with her, even a little bit. She blew on it, then proceeded to place it in his mouth.

Armin swallowed, coughing into his sleeve. "Thanks… As I thought, I still feel nauseated…"

"Do you want me to move it?"

"No, I'll keep eating. Thank you." He wrapped his hand around hers, taking the spoon from her hand and feeding himself. Grisha walked back in, putting his hat back on; a sign that his business there had been finished.

"Okay, kids. Time to head home to your mother."

"Get better soon, Armin. We'll come see you again some other time."

"Thanks again guys." He waved a fragile hand, taking a small nibble of his bread.

The three left the house, making their way back to their own home.

Author: MatrixKnight

1.      How did you come up with the idea for your Fan Fiction Story?

 I'm diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). So believe it or not, random thoughts and ideas will spring from my head and then just unravel into an entire plot line in a matter of minutes before I can control it, and it's usually when I'm either lying in bed or dreaming. This time, the random thought of the night was "What would happen if Mikasa caught a cold" Because most would say she's almost perfect, and then it built into something of Eren having to take care of her for the rest of the night, since I was thinking about how much my friend Jesse rabidly ships the two - and let's just say I caught a minor case of her shipping virus at the time.

     2. What draws you to this fandom/genre?

Since childhood, I've always taken interest in things such as drama and fluffy little spots of romance. Horror and tragedy aside, thee two were always my favorite to write simply because I can't seem to express these feelings in my everyday life - not taking an interest in romance, that is. I love cute minor doses of cuddles and romance, and I'm drawn to it, especially Shoujo, because I too am a huge shipper and sometimes I think it would be nice to be in such a relationship. As for why I love Shingeki No Kyojin, the art is fantastic, the plot is beyond creative and well-detailed, the characters are well developed and the music is absolutely gorgeous. Some may not like it because it's very popular, but there is much to be desired in that series, and the amount of effort put into it is undeniable.

     3. What is the hardest part of coming up with content?

I hit a couple of road blocks because sometimes when my mind invents an idea and builds on it, it doesn't completely work out the story. So when I go to write it that evening, I get stuck on some important details I had yet to figure out. One of them being, "Should Mikasa catch Armin's cold or have already gotten it? How much contact should she make with him if so?" And basically the entire scene at Armin's house was one big boulder laughing maniacally in my way as it watched me struggle to pull my weight through that entire section, but I'm very happy with the outcome.

     4. What other fandoms do you write about?

I have already written some other fanfictions based on other anime/series such as Naruto (Some NejiHina fanfics from when I was fourteen that are riddled with typos but I keep up anyway because people like them), Teen Titans, Diabolik Lovers, Fairy Tail, Spirited Away, SSX3, Sherlock, and Romeo X Juliet. I can't give any spoilers, but I can reveal that I also have some upcoming tales and oneshots for Red Data Girl, Fullmetal Alchemist, Rolling Girl and Assassin's Creed. I've also been contemplating dabbling in Blood+ and Akatsuki no Yona as well...

     5. What super power would you like to have? Why?

I have been asked this question numerous times in my life, and the answer was always shadow manipulation. I tend to be the talkative and social type, but I take a lot of time to recuperate from being so social and having too many acquaintances as well as work partners on various other projects other than fanfiction, so I'd love to be able to manipulate people's shadows, turn into a shadow or slip into a shadow to hide from others so they can't see me. Many of my friends would argue I'm just trying to run away from telling them what's on my mind but you know, I can't exactly deny that part either xD.

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