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Denver Comic Con 2015

Denver Comic Con 2015

It was a rainy day Saturday May 23rd, but it did not deter the heroes. " We shall prevail!" they yelled, as they journeyed forward. They would do everything in their power to be there. The event they had been preparing for many months for. Though does anyone, really, know how to prepare for an event like this? Hard work, and dedication? Perhaps, but for someone like this you need to immerse yourself in the culture, become one with the people and learn their ways.

The heroes were ready, they knew they were. As they grew nearer they could smell victory in the air...soon. This spurred the heroes, they screamed "Charge!" and began to run. The running was brief, only to the other curb, no need to waste energy. Around the corner the pace quickened, and the hair rose on the back of their necks. They could see it, the entrance, it was a glorious thing to behold, a glass and metal marvel. As they crossed the threshold, they immediately proclaimed "At last! Coon and Friends Unite!"

"Oh Coon and Friends that so good, can I take your picture?"

I think I was saying can I take your picture in my sleep on Saturday night, but it was worth it. This years comic con did not disappoint, and I was only there for one day! I was going to post our (my husband, myself, and his best friend) cosplay before the con, but what0 better day to debut a new cosplay than Comic Con?  My husband Darryl was The Coon, I was Mysterion, and his best friend Tyler was Mint Berry Crunch. He had talked about doing Coon and Friends for a while, and we finally got to on Saturday, which made the day even more fun.

My Mysterion costume was pretty simple actually if you know how to make capes, or sew in general. Even though I got caught on some things my favorite part was the questions mark on my head, easy to do just using a pipe cleaner, paper and glue.

Tyler's head piece was the most complicated thing to make out of all three costumes. We got a half circle foam piece from Hobby Lobby cut out a piece for his neck, and shaved down a bit on the insides so his head would fit into the whole piece. The elastic band that keeps the head piece on is actually stapled inside, such and easy way to connect them without making a mark on the outside.

My husbands costume had the most pieces, I had the racoon ears and tail lying around from old college dress up parties. And I actually made the eye mask and nose out of foam paper, felt, a pom pom, and fur trim for his eye brows. Darryl also has racoon claws on his fingers made of duct tape, they stuck on his fingers all day too.

We all couldn't really see normally in our costumes, and my gloves were way to big for me to hold my camera so we took a lunch break (while it simultaneously hailed for an hour). So we could change and came back to finally take a shit ton of pictures!

Disclaimer: I pretty much posted this photo because I thought my hair was super cool that day, but this is me in "action"


The Gang!

My Comic Con Haul! I don't normally buy a lot at comic con, mostly because I get distracted, but this year I needed things! I now have the first edition prints of the first 5 Star Wars comics, now we must read! I love stickers, and I couldn't resist the adorable Fenic Fox from Jeannine Schafer, check out the link for her blog and the rest of her equally adorable art, also I love storm troopers, and now my car will look cool.

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