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April 2015 Must Haves

April 2015 Must Haves

My Birthday is next week, so this months must-haves are things I MUST HAVE! 

Cowboy Bebop T-shirt

It was actually this shirt design that made me start watching Cowboy Bebop in the first place, so of course I had to get it (its in the mail now). It also doesn't hurt that I love corgis at the same time. Thanks teefury!

Smashbox + Donald Robertson: Be Legendary Matte Lipstick

Through a popsugar binge one day I came across this gorgeous specimen. I love red lipstick to match my bright red hair!  

Shiba Inu Pillow

Since my dog Karl isn't always the best cuddle buddy, I could at least have something just as cute from Thousand Skies until he calms down. 

Vans C & L Era 59

I need a good pair of white shoes stat, and I like these from Vans because I wont have to obsessively scrub rubber clean. 

Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

Last but not least, this super awesome knife block. I'm not crazy about the actual knives this comes with, but that can easily be replaced for a bad-ass block. 

Top 10 Cosplay Inspirations

Top 10 Cosplay Inspirations

Game of Thrones : Season 5

Game of Thrones : Season 5