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A Geeky Interview with bookloverblue

A Geeky Interview with bookloverblue

I recently had the pleasure of participating in an International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club sanctioned mug swap, in the process got matched with my friend bookloverblue and she sent me some totally cute and fun mugs all the way from England!


In getting to know my mug swap partner I came across her blog and learnt what a fantastic writer she is! I couldn't resist but to share her delightful stories with my readers. I usually stick to Fan Fiction, its a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, but something about her style of writing and the content just gripped me. She tends to write more plays (or maybe those or the only ones I have read so far), and the brits sure do know their play writing. Below is a very fun interview with the artist herself, and one of my favorite stories so far, The Evil Minions Union, hopefully my friend will continue and elaborate on this concept because I think it is quite hilarious, but don't take my word for it, see for yourself:



(Lights up. Enter Minion Commander PARKER, an elite employee dressed in a sharp business suit. He/she addresses the audience.)



Good evening, everyone. On behalf of the Minions Alliance Division, or M.A.D, I'd like to welcome you all to your first night of induction as you begin your employment for renowned supervillain, The Great One. This particular branch of his malicious global enterprise has accomplished some excellent achievements in recent years. In fact, we are currently ranked the third most evil organisation in the world.

(Beat. Parker speaks to a random audience member.)

What? No, I won't tell you who the top two are - do you want to live to see tomorrow?

(Beat. Parker resumes the induction.)

Some of you will have been transferred from other divisions, but I'm well aware that many of you are newcomers, due to being unable to find regular work in your usual fields. Therefore, I'd like to extend a special welcome to all phonograph makers, typewriter repair workers, and English graduates.


My name is Minion Commander Parker – I'm in charge of the Northern Conquest Project, and I'm also your local representative for the Evil Minions Union, or E.M.U. If you have any queries about your rights during your employment, please pop in to see me. My office is in the main corridor through the third door on the right, just past the piranha tank and opposite the laser repair room. I deal with several cases involving minion injury: most recently, I was asked to assist a lower-level recruit who lost three of his limbs in an unexpected explosion halfway through a bank heist. Unfortunately, his injuries were ultimately seen as being a risk of the job, but following a big push on our part, we did manage to get a extra bag of grapes put at his bedside.


Just to say a few words about your new employer... The Great One takes his work extremely seriously, so try your hardest not to rile him, OK? The three best ways to stay on his good side are to always follow orders, never use his coffee mug, and for the love of all things evil, do NOT swap your friend's breath mints with amnesia pills for a joke. The pills cost a lot of money to develop, and The Great One detests misuse of provisions. Besides, amnesia pills have a fibre-like smell, while breath mints, as the name suggests, have a distantly minty aroma. Trust me, you won't get away with it for long.


I'm told that your uniforms will be available by the end of the day. It is compulsory for all lower-level colleagues to wear it - especially the mask. The official guidance from the E.M.U still stands on this matter: no mask, no task. As I'm sure many of you have noticed, recruits refer to each other by surname only. We do this so, in the event of a minion being captured, it takes more time for the League of Heroes to track down their criminal record. It also makes it harder for the beggars to find your social media profiles.

(Beat. Parker addresses some random audience members.)

Oh, come on, I know you old hands all have them - even though you shouldn't. Revealing our plans for world conquest to the public is a suspendable offence, after all – by which I mean you're suspended over the piranha tank until you confess. Just pop your settings onto private... you'll be fine.


We do offer superpowers as part of our Colleague Benefits package... if you're interested, simply pop into the infirmary for a medical exam, and if you're deemed suitable, you can receive the potion. Its effects vary from person to person: the abilities induced range from super strength to being able to make a really, really good cup of tea. The potion is administered in the form of an injection: just think of it as a flu jab, only, you know, painful. Initial side effects may include a very high fever, severe chest pain, and the inability to say the word “yo-yo” – if you do suffer from these symptoms, just let me know, and I'll try to wangle a half-day holiday or something for you.

(Beat. Parker takes some breath mints out of

his/her pocket and pours some into his/her hand.)

So, that's all for now... get a good night's rest, and I'll see you all at roll-call tomorrow. I'd warn you not to go out drinking, but since minions can only leave the lair unsupervised on Mischief Night, you won't be going anywhere. You may think it's unusual, at first - to be working for a crazy, power-hungry megalomaniac, but let me assure you that almost everyone else in the world of work is thinking exactly the same thing.

(Beat. Parker eats the breath mints, stops, and

looks at the box/wrapper.)

Are these a new flavour? They taste a bit wheaty.

(He/she stops suddenly. A blank expression

crosses his/her face, and he/she looks at the

audience in confusion.)

What are you lot doing here?



1. What got you into writing and why do you like to write?

I've written ever since I was a little girl. My earliest writing memory is from my primary school days: I once adapted a Christmas story book into a play, and myself and some classmates got to perform it to the teacher. As a teenager, I was in a friendship group based around writing, and I also dabbled in fanfiction around that time, but soon realised I was mainly creating OCs for other universes, so I started to focus on creating my own stories instead. I went on to study English at university, but avoided creative writing modules as I didn't want my favourite activity to become associated with academic pressure and stress. However, I befriended several writers there, and began to explore other mediums such as poetry. Nowadays, I'm a bit of an all-rounder - dabbling in this and that - but the script is my main and favourite medium.

Writing scripts is particularly fun for me, as I can watch a character I create grow from a Dramatis Personae entry into a fully-fledged persona. I scribble down scenes and dialogue lines, imaging how they might look and sound on the stage or screen... and on a couple of occasions, I've been lucky enough to see the end result, which is very rewarding. Speaking more generally, I've found that writing provides a good outlet for any sadness or nervousness I may feel: I can write a sad piece, vent my feelings, and move on. Alternatively, if I'm having a good day, writing a joky happy scene can be the icing on the cake, and hopefully, it will make others happy too when they read it.

2. Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

My favourite authors - Roald Dahl, the Brothers Grimm and Sir Terry Pratchett - were a massive influence on my writing style. I adore satire, and so, I like to mix aspects of reality with stranger, far-fetched fictional elements: in other words, to reimagine fantasy as if it had to work within the confines of the real world.

Sometimes, I draw inspiration from things that have happened to me personally. To give an example: after leaving university, I got my first full-time job, and read some leaflets about worker's benefits and rights. That got me thinking about some of the employers that exist in Fantasy Land... such as evil villains. What rights do they give THEIR employees? That thought went on to become a monologue, and later still, a script series - "Evil Minions Union".

I'm also interested in psychology and social issues, and some of my fairy tale retellings - "Grimm Truths" - explore that by looking at how certain events in fairytales would influence their character's lives if they were real people.

In a nutshell, I mix up the real and the unreal into a strange scripty cocktail!


3. Of the stories you have written (on your blogs or not) which is your favorite?

Probably "Evil Minions Union"... mainly because I'm overwhelmed by the reception it's received. People seem to really enjoy it. As someone who's mainly a scriptwriter, I sometimes feel like I'm in the minority in terms of online writers, as most of the ones I know mainly produce prose, poems or fanfic. Script isn't everyone's medium of choice when it comes to reading material either, so I'm hugely grateful for all the readers I have and the feedback I receive. I'm also quite pleased with the character development in that particular series - especially the minion Montague, supervillain The Great One, and secret agents Indigo and Miles. I think those characters have given voice to some of my best writing!

4. If you could choose one of your stories to live in which would you choose and why?

Once again, I'll have to go with E.M.U... although I'm not sure which side I'd be on! Being a minion with my own superpower might be pretty exciting, but then again, life as a secret agent is very tempting too! I tried hard to make both sides equally fun and interesting, so even the reader/audience doesn't know who to root for!

5. When you are 80 years old what story will you tell children about you, over and over again?

I'm very fortunate in that I already have quite a few good ones to tell! In just under a quarter of a century, I've performed on a theatre stage, graduated from university, travelled to many interesting places, and had lots of fun experiences. That said, the tale I one day hope to tell will be the one about the time my name first appeared on a theatre or cinema marquee! That would be a dream come true.

Still, knowing my luck, the tale they'll ending up telling about me will be about the time the dog stole my dentures, or something like that.

If you liked this interview and super funny story, don't forget to show her blog some love for even more great writing!

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