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Sweater Recycle : Rebel Alliance Elbow Patches

Sweater Recycle : Rebel Alliance Elbow Patches

I am pretty sure I am cold blooded, I mean I am only warm when its about 80 degrees, and that's tough for someone from Colorado. On top of that I sit at a desk all day with an unregulated thermometer, all day I put on and take off my sweater, it might make me look slightly crazy, oh well it works for me. So when one of my favorite sweaters developed a hole in the sleeve from my sharp ass elbows, I decided I couldn't bare to part with it and realized I could just add some cute elbow patches, and boy did I deliver.

Even though I don’t have a picture of it (my bad) I did have a giant hole in the right elbow of this sweater. I have sewn up the hole here and these are all of the materials used:

·      Sweater

·      Material for Elbow Patch – I used a brown pattern suede.

·      Thread and Needle

·      Scissors

·      Elbow Patch Pattern

·      Fabric Tape (optional)

Next I took the suede and folder it over once, I decided to do this because I wanted my patch to be a bit thicker since my sweater is also thick, and I also keep my elbows on my desk all day.  I cut out the patch trace and pined it to the fabric so that I could just cut them out with scissors.

The hole in the sweater was a great marker to line the patches up, but since you don't necessarily have to have a ripped sweater to do this, you can put the sweater on and place a piece of scotch tape under one of your elbows and aline it with pins, after you take it off though.

Alas sewing, I admit I am not an amazing seamstress by hand, I can do enough to get by, and I get better all the time. But this time I actually liked my sewing skill set because it seemed to work well with the theme my sweater is taking on. 


I am really excited with how this came out, and I can not wait to wear one of my favorite sweaters again!

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